That Fall 1956

I did get to kill my first partridges and quite a few during the fall and winter. Even during the winter, while fishing, snaring for rabbits, I always carried the rifle with me. I killed also my first white partridges and let me tell you their very hard too see on the white snow. Blacky was growing fast was very clumsy with his long legs and big paws. He followed me all over the place. My grandmother told me you have to build a warm dog house and keep him outside; he’s going to be too big to keep in the house. The reason was that he was knocking over the coffee table and everything on it, even the end tables and one day the book shelf. So as what my grandmother wanted I did build that dog house. Also I said to my self Blacky is going to be a sled dog, yes I’m going to start and train him now while he is young. Grandfather said to me good luck.