Ice Fishing in the middle of November 1958

It was around the 15 th. Of November Jud, Barry and I decided to go ice fishing at Maidmens Creek that’s an 8 mile walk return. Grandmother said the ice is not frozen all over, you have to be careful where you walk, not to fall threw the ice. My grandfather said, go and get 6 big nails in the shed, 6 inch ones and bring the roll of twine also. Which I did, then cut me three pieces of twine about 6 feet long. He tied a nail at each end of the rope or twine. When you put your coats on, put the nail and twine into each sleeve before putting it on. That’s what we all did, and he I hope it doesn’t happen but if it do fall through the ice, this will help you get out of the water and onto the ice. All you do is grab the nails and use them to pick into the ice and pull yourself along. We all understood and away we went for Maidmens Creek, pack sacks on our back, chisel and axe. The walk was great and in know time we were there. We made a couple of holes each, set in our lines that were baited with small pieces of salt pork. The speckle trout that we caught were all about the same size, one to one and half lbs and a lot of them, little to shy to say who many, our pack sacks were full.