I would like to introduce...

I would like to introduce my wonderful wife Madeleine who gave me three wonderful children Bob, Gary and Melanie. Today is Melanie’s birthday and I still remember her first fish that she caught. She was going on to three years old, had her little fishing rod and reel. She caught a nice speckle trout about 1 lbs. When took the hook out she I want my trout and I gave it to her and she started kissing it on the head. She sure was happy and could not wait to show it to the others. Mado we call her, likes hunting and fishing when the weather is very nice let’s say. Today up in Schefferville Quebec, Canada we went out for walk and at the same time I said I’ll bring the 12 gauge along as there are a lot of white partridges around. So we got our snowmobile suits and big boots on, it was -30 and not with the factor wind or wind chill. I walked through the little village with my shot gun on my shoulder. Everyone is use to that here, it’s the paradise of hunting and fishing like I mentioned before. We were gone about an hour and a half and came back with 10 nice ptarmigans. They way I clean them is, I pluck the feathers off the breast, grab the wings and legs with one hand and grab the top of the breast with the other hand and pull. All that stays in your hand is the breast. You throw the rest away. We marinade it for about an hour. Then wrap it up in bacon and into the oven for about half an hour at 400F. Then serve it on a bed of wild rice. It’s a great meal… I mentioned a few episode back a place called Wedge Hills Lodge on the George River. This place is a hunter’s and fisherman’s dream, caribou, bear, salmon, char, lake and speckle trout. I will be getting into more details on that place later on in my stories.