The Young Wolf.

Last October (2010) I was on patrol doing a little radar on a construction site on the north-shore of the Saint Lawrence river. A Hydro project on the Romaine river. I parked the patrol car in a small clearance along side the road. Had been parked for about 10 minutes, when I noticed a young wolf 4 months old looking at me. He was about 30 to 40 feet away. He was skinny and looked not to much in good shape. He looked sick.

I watched him for a while and then noticed that the poor wolf had porcupine quilts stuck on his nose and even in his mouth. I said to myself that's why he's so skinny, he's not eating, he's starving. But I said to myself his mother is going to pull them out.

A couple of days went by and did not see the young wolf. I kept on checking every time I passed that small clearing. I decide to stop and park for a while. And as the other day he came out of the bush and towards the patrol car. Stopped looked at me and was only about 20 feet away. He looked pitiful. Those quilts were still there.

I drove the patrol car the the cafeteria and asked the cook if had any left over, things that were soft. Soup and bread was great. I went back to that parking spot. He was not there waited about 10 minutes. Then I decide to just give a short serene a call. A couple of minutes pasted and he was there. I got out of the car and set the pail of food beside the bushes. I moved away and waited. He went up to pail and started eating and he was hungry.

I did this for two complete weeks every day and a little click on the serene switch. I noticed that the wolf was getting stronger and putting on weight. Also less quilts in his mouth and nose. I stopped bring him food as he looked great. Let him be on his own now is what I said to myself.

Six months later: 21 April 2011 I was on patrol and at mileage 20 there's a wolf on the side of the road. I stopped an watched him for awhile. He stood there looking all around but not moving. I said no, it's not him. I gave the serene a short call. His ears went up, he looked and slowly moved towards the car. He walked around the patrol car with his head up and sniffing. He sat down beside the driver's door and looked at me for about and I say good two minutes. He looked like he was in great shape and healthy.
This was a great and good feeling. Did he remember me or the patrol car?