A One Day Moose Hunt on Lac Boucher 1977

It was in late September and my brother-in-law Jean M and I were on another Moose hunting trip. This time we decided to charter a 206 Cessna and go to a different place. A place called Lac or Lake Boucher, 35 miles northeast of Havre St. Pierre. It’s a pretty big lake with a couple of islands on it.

Everything was aboard and on our way. It was a nice sunny and cool day. As we approached the lake JM asked Germain the pilote, if he could at least make one trip around the lake. That he did, I said to JM, that island there would be great. Were not to far from the mainland. JM said yes to the pilote and down we went.

We untied the canoe, unloaded and found the exact place to tent. Someone had camped here before. It was close to noon when we finished. Had a little snack and yes a small snooze at least for an hour.

It was around 2pm and all was quiet not a sound to be heard. JM said I think we’ll start the show now. The weather and all is perfect. I’m ready I said.

JM had his waders on and I had gathered a few dry twigs. I started breaking a couple and JM started his moose walk and then the cow in heat urinating, lifted his feet slowly out of the water and on to shore. I cracked a few more twigs and both listened for about 3 minutes. Not a sound. JM gave the soft and short cow call. Did this the same call about 10 minutes later. Not a sound, I whisered to JM it’s to quiet. He nodded his head in a yes manner. We listened and waited, not a sound.

The little island that we were camped on was approximately 500 feet long by 100 feet wide not more than that and all it had on it was black spruce and a very few birch trees. It was flat with sand and rock beach all around. We were calling toward the mainland about 800 feet away.

The tent from our calling ground was halfway 50 to 60 feet. The trail from us to other side was 4 feet wide. From where we were we could not see the tent.

It was close to 4:30 PM JM had just given the first long call of the cow in heat. I heard the echo hit 3 times, which was good. It still was silent, not a sound.

It was 4:40 PM and I heard something heavy walking in the water on the left side of us towards the mainland. JM also heard it as he looked at me with eyes as big as fifty cent pieces. We did not move an inch. We listened for a good half hour and not a sound, not even a little cracking sound. We didn’t move, we waited.

It was getting pretty chilly as the sun had gone down. I looked at JM and made some sort of movment letting him know that I was going to the tent to put a bit more warm clothes on.

I picked up my 30.06 and started to walk slowly looking at the ground to make sure that I did not step on some twigs. I could see the tent through the bushes and to my great surprise the big bull was about 25 feet on the other side of the tent. What a huge bull and what a rack (63”) Up game the rifle safety off, one knee on the ground and pulled the trigger. It was faceing me and looking me right in the eye when I shot. The bullet struck it on the right side of the chest and came out its back just behind the right shoulder blade. The heart was split it two. All it did was make a half left turn and fell to the ground. I think JM was beside me in a split second. My heart had no time pump fast as everything happened so fast.

JM and I shook hands and tapped each other on the back. We said it’s a trophy and our hunting is already over with. Now we had to work. It took exactly 2 hours and all hind quarters were laid on a rack that we had made.

It was time for a glass of cognac and a good supper with a bottle of red wine. For super, the menu was a few slices of moose liver cooked with bacon and onions. Not to Forget the mashed potatoes and mushrooms. Man was that delicious. We hit the sack that night close to midnight. That was a fast hunting trip. But it was a great one.

The next morning we called the dispatcher to find out if he we get us out in the afternoon. Okay there was no problem. As we got all our equipment and moose meat out on shore. We decided to take a canoe ride to the mainland and see what it looked like. It was pretty windy so we did not want to go to far. As we approached shore JM said don’t move look to your right and yes another bull moose had it’s head out of the bush with his nose up in the air. Trying to smell us. Without
moving we watched him for a good five minutes. He was also a healthy looking moose.

We headed back to the island and waited for our plane. I shall say it again, what a wonderful and short hunting trip that was and I have a lot more to tell you in my next stories.
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