Snowmobile Adventure: March and April 2008

Hello all you snowmobile adventurers. I want to talk to you about a place called Lake Wachuwach (Wackwack). This Wedge Hills Lodge is situated up in New Quebec about 350 miles north of Sept Iles and 115 km. north west of Schefferville (paradise for hunting and fishing) A minimum of six people is required. You take the train from Sept Iles Qc. 12 hour ride up to Schefferville. A member of our personnel will welcome you upon arrival and will take you and family or friends to our hotel. The next morning a guide and cook with their snowmobiles will take you to this wonderful paradise for fishing big lake trout, even up to 25lbs. catchesare not rare and also setting rabbit snares. You will be riding up to date machines for 230 km. round trip, on beautiful white snow in a dream territory. In this surrounding you will have the pleasure of gliding on frozen lakes and exploring caribou country, a wonderful snowmobile adventure you will never forget. The stay at the lodge is four nights and the three meals a day served by our chef. If this interests you, family or friends and need more information, just E-mail me at and it will be a pleasure to answer all your questions. It would be a pleasure seeing you there. Fred.


rosshirdes said...

I am researching hunters and fishers or people that use snowmobiles, atv's, pwc's and small alluminum boats. I really need some more responses to my survey, it's for a senior design project. If you could forward this link to any people you know that it could apply to that would be very helpful. Thanks for you time. -Ross Hirdes