The Caribous of Kawawachichamach

A few days ago I was on patrol near Kawawachichamach and I saw 27 caribous on the same road I patrol every day. As everyone does I informed the local radio station and let me tell you the snowmobiles were on their way. Also during the day if I did not see over 100 white partridges I did not see any at all. The ice fishing I’ve seen big speckle trout and huge lake trout. The lake trout are in the 20 lbs. and more. The native all have snowmobiles, for them it’s like a car is for someone living in the city. I find the native hard on themselves when it comes to facing the freezing weather. Today it’s -34 without the wind chill and the wind is a north wind and out on their snowmobiles dressed about normal. So chasing those caribous in-between 40 to 60 km. per hour. The cold temperature must be something like -70 *. But like I said their tough on themselves but they don’t seem to mind that, they go out and get their caribou when their passing.