Getting Ready for the Dog Sled Race.

This was in Feb. 1960 and my dog Blacky really became a big and strong dog. I had a lot of offers for him, even tourists during the summer asked if I would sell him. A man and lady that summer offered me $500. for him. I went to see my grandfather and asked him if I should sell him. He said it’s your decision, All I can tell you is the dog will last a lot longer than $500. and I thought about that and said no to the lady and the man. At the age of 3 years old he was 180 lbs. and standing up on his hind legs was 6 feet. His jet black fur shined in the winter time, I guess it was because of the seal meet and fat I was feeding him. When I say he was strong, well that 45 gallon drums of water at first it was half full. Now it’s full and I get on the sled to and that mile no stop back to the house. Also that winter I was lumber jacking every week end. My grandfather was paying $6.00 a cord cut, third of a cord, split and piled. I said will you give me the same thing and he said yes. I did this for five years, with an axe and buck saw. While doing all this wood cutting I always carried the 22 rifle and a role of snare wire. So rabbits and partridges were always on the menu at home. We had time to do all that, in those days and this was all fun for me and my buddies


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