Summer 1958 Fishing Trip.

It was the end of June my uncles Howard, Doug cousin Don and I were on our way to the Quatabahgan rapids to do some fishing. The canoe we had was a 23 foot Rupert’s House with a 18 hp. Evinrude. Up we went and not just a round trip we were there for two nights. After taking everything out of the canoe and setting up the big prospector tent, I think it was 14 by 18 ft. I got the job of cutting the spruce branches for the floor. We set up the little box stove, got some dry wood and that was it. Cousin Don said in a soft voice look on the other side of the river, a cow moose with her 2 calves. I said why the calves are a red colour. They were beautiful. I picked up my tackle box and rod and down the Quatabahagan River I went. My first cast with a dare devil was where the white foam and whirl pool was and “I got one”, what a fight, it was a 4 lbs. speckle trout. That week-end was great, we ate a lot of fish, bacon and eggs every morning. I even had my first bottle of beer, a Black Label in a clear bottle. My uncle Howard gave it to me and said, no fishing close to those rapids after that bottle. I drank it slowly and it was good. What I remember that week-end is that we did catch a lot of fish, but nice ones were the speckle
trout’s which were all a nice size 3 to 5 lbs.