Summer 1956

My grandfather kept his promise and I got my 22 rifle shooting lessons. We practised in the backyard (like I mentioned before we lived a mile from the village) for about 2 hours the first day and an hour the second day. My grandfathers said your good at shooting, but never and never forget what you’re shooting at. You must always see your target and always remember that. This always game to mind every time I used a fire arm. I could not wait until fall. Also during that summer I bought my dog Blacky for $5.00 He was half Saint Bernard and half Labrador retriever. He was the smallest of 14 pups. He was all black with a white spot on the forehead white diamond on the chest and a white spot on all four feet. He was not for me the healthiest but I thought that he needed help. So this is what I told the lady that sold him to me. He grew up to be the biggest and strongest dog, in the whole village. I will tell you a few stories about him later.