Summer 1957 Big Fishing Trip by Plane.

It was the end of June and my uncle Howard asked me do you want to come on a fishing trip; we will be a group of twelve and all going by consul to Lake Kasagammi and that will be around 6 o’clock Saturday morning. I was tickled and could not wait until Saturday. At 6 sharp we were up in the air and away for that lake. It took an hour and what a big lake with nice sandy beaches. They dropped off 6 people at one end and another 6 at the other end. The pilot said be ready for 6 PM and he took off. I was in a hurry to get that first cast in. About a couple of hundred yards up was a nice rocky point, that’s where I fished for my first cast. I had a red and white lure a dare devil and I yelled I got one. It’s something pretty big and it sure was and what a fight. A 27 lbs. musky and let me tell you what a fight it gave me. It took at least 30 to 35 minutes to pull it to shore. We fished all day and everyone caught pike, pickerel and muskies and all big fish and what I remember, the biggest musky was mine. The biggest pickerel was my uncle’s which weighted 18 lbs. and the biggest pike was Charles’s 25 lbs. everyone caught their big fish. Oh yes, during the afternoon it was sunny and hot so I went in for a swim. A few hundred yards on the lake was fishing net, maybe natives or commercial fishermen had set it. I asked my uncle, can I go out there and see what’s in it. Be careful, and away I went. When I got to the net I took a deep breath and under I went, as fast as I went under faster I was up and on my way too shore. Boy, were those fish ever big. The net was full, maybe 25 to 30 fish caught. I guess things look bigger under water. At 6 sharp we were boarding the plane and on our way back to Moose Factory. I will always remember that fishing trip.