Another Dog for me.

Yes I decided to adopt an albinos pure white husky it even had pink eyes. This dog had been following me home every day for the last week and I managed to touch him a few times. I asked my grandmother can I keep him. Maybe he belongs to someone in the village she said. I said I asked a lot of people and they said they never saw him before. I went out and fed him some seal meat. Blacky was just tide about 20 feet away and the next thing I knew Blacky broke his chain. What a fight and I decided to step in-between both of them. Whity I named him, grabbed me by the upper right arm, the two teeth marks are still there today. Lucky my grandmother came out and helped. She tied Blacky up and I tied Whity. I tied Whity so that him and Blackys were about a foot away, nose to nose and when I fed them they were a foot away. Well to make this short it took a couple of weeks for things to calm down or who would respect who and yes Blacky was the boss he was the leader. Let me tell you I had two great dogs. The dog race was in two weeks and every day we practised and this was one hour of intense running, none stop.