My Dogs attacked by 3 Black Dogs

I received an invitation from my aunt Jackie and Uncle Roy, who lived in Moosonee, three miles From Moose Factory Island. She asked me if I would like some spaghetti and meat balls for supper tomorrow. It was Saturday and told myself I’ll take a break from the wood cutting. I decide to go over early so I harness up Blackie and Whity and as usual they were ready to go. Away we went for Moosonee, crossed Charles’s Island and they were running as fast as they could go. Tied up the two dogs went in and said hello to Aunt Jackie, she was washing the kitchen and living room floor. I said I’ll do that and even if you have some wax I’ll wax it to. Which I did and the floor was shinning aunt Jackie said the next time I want my floor washed and wax I’ll invite for spaghetti and meat balls every week-end. I answered anything for a meal like that. I spent a couple of hours after supper talking with both of them. It was around 10 PM. And it was time to go. Untied the dogs and we were on our way. Just as I started getting on to Charles’s Island and pretty dark it was, three dogs came out of the bushed and jumped on Blackie and Whitie and what a fight. I jumped off the sled, ran and started kicking the dogs with all I could give. They finally let go of my dogs and took off for the bush. I looked both dogs over and they seemed OK. After tying the dogs up and feeding them. I went in and told my grandfather about what happened and I said they were a pretty good size, and I had to kick a couple of them. I was wondering why those three dogs there were. He answered and said you were pretty lucky, you could have been attacked by those wolves. He said their young wolves and stays black until they become adults.