Doctor’s Creek, nice size pike and pickerel.

I told them anything with red and white that’s what they jump on. They started casting and let me tell you we all had something on our lines. I can still here them yelling and saying holy smokes what do we have here; their monsters said my uncle’s friend. We all pulled out a pickerel and nothing less than 5lbs. We caught about 10 each and a couple of nice pike. It was noon so I said it’s time for our shore lunch. Grandma had packed up everything we needed to eat a fish or two. Even the flour, salt, pepper and the lard Tenderflake. I was going to cook it the Indian way; you boil the fish in the lard, like Kentucky fried chicken. This my uncle and his friend talked about during their one week stay. Lunch was just over and they were both casting away and pulling in another fish each. I said if you want to catch a few speckle trout we have another 5 miles up the river to do. Into the canoe we got and our way to French River. A little wind had started to blow. Like mentioned before the Moose River is big and in some place its 3 miles wide. As we pulled into the French river we saw a few big splashes the speckles were jumping. I said red and white is ok. Again the first cast everyone had something on their line and yes all speckle trout’s. Nice size speckles and 2lbs up. We caught around 30 in all. My uncles and his friend were very happy. We were on our way back home and a good twenty miles to do. It was windy with 2 foot waves and my uncle and his friend looked scared and asked me if everything was ok. I said yes all is ok. The waves got little bigger about 3 feet and the motor stopped. I cranked and cranked nothing. I said maybe theirs water in the sediment bowl. To check that I have to take the motor off the canoe. Keep the nose of the canoe straight into the wave I asked my uncle. Unscrewed the motor and lifted the motor into the canoe. Took off the lid and unscrewed the little glass bowl. I could see the water in the bowl. Wiped it clean put it back on placed the motor pump the gas button a couple of cranks and we were on our way. I could see my uncle and his friend had a smile on their face. Once at home and all the stories told and I saw that they really enjoyed their fishing trip, it felt good. But to my surprise they were more than happy about the trip; they both gave me their fishing rods and tackle boxes.