Winter 1954-1955 Rabbit Snaring Lesson.

That winter was just as much fishing as the winter before. But that winter where Charles’s Creek is I start my first hunting experience well rabbit snaring. My grandfather Fred showed me how to make a snare. This was on the kitchen table. He asked me to bring in a few spruce branches so I did. We sat at the kitchen table he broke a few branches and stood them up along the big branches. Cleared a space in-between about 6 inches wide cut a length of 12 inches off the role of snare wire, twisted a small loop at one end and then started pulling the wire over his knee until the wire started to be round. Put the end of the wire into the small loop and pull it until it was completely round. He said it should round and the same diameter as that can of carnation milk that was on the table. Tied it to the big branch and the bottom of the round or ring was 4 inches off the table. Then he put a few small branches underneath the ring. He said when the rabbit is hopping along and wants to continue his path threw the snare he has to lift his head and bingo into the snare he goes.