Summer 1954 fishing with a rod and reel.

One noon hour as I was having dinner at my Aunt Leona’s place. I asked my uncle Howard can I borrow your fishing rod. I want to go and cast off the dock. No problem you know where it is and bring a few lures the red and white ones. I said thank you very much and I will be very careful. At 16:00 sharp I was in the basement picking up that rod and down to the dock I went. Hooked the lure to the line or swivel and here goes my first cast and a real good swing, yes all tangled up it was. These reels go back and forth as you reel in and when their tangled, it took me an hour to untangle it. So ready for my second cast, nice and slow, it went about 25 feet out, reeled in and nothing. Another cast and all tangled up again, tried to untangle it. I ended up brining it to my uncle Howard. He fixed it and showed me how to cast all in one motion and nice and easy swing. So the next few days at the dock were practise for me. But during that summer lost a few lures but caught some nice and big fish. The pickerel was the biggest one, easy 10 lbs.