The second day out, checking my snares.

All dressed up snowshoes on and across the river I went and without breakfast again. I started by checking the farthest snares yes one big rabbit in the last one and it was frozen stiff. Oh caught a second one and ended up with three rabbits I was so much in a hurry to get home to show them to my grandparents, I did not even check my lines. Once home and showing them off and all tickled about this, my grandfather said, no fish. I forgot I’ll go back and check. My grandmother said have breakfast first and at the same time you have to warm up. I had breakfast and off I was to Charles’s Creek. The ice had frozen another good 5 inches overnight. I checked my four fish holes and had 3 nice speckle trout again the biggest one was an easy 4 lbs. I went home running with my snowshoes on.