Out Ice Fishing and Setting Snares

I was up early and got the chores done, Filled the wood box, cut up a bit of kindling, (small pieces of dry wood to start a fire). Filled up the hot water tank and emptied the slop pail. I said to grandma, yes I brought some birch in. My breakfast was ready and often it was toast peanut butter or cheese. Once in awhile I had back bacon and eggs. In an half hour I was on my way, I had to put my moccasins on because I had to put my snowshoes that morning. We had over two feet of snow on the river. Off I took with my axe, chisel and pack sac on. I was heading for Charles’s Creek half a mile down the river. Holy smokes the rabbit trails all over on both sides of the creek. Cut a few branches got my snare wire out and in about two hours I had 10 snares set. Made 4 holes which took also a good hour all my lines were in. The ice was about a foot thick, beginning of December 1954. Hoops one line is moving. I ran grabbed the line and out game a nice speckle trout 2 lbs. Put a piece of salt pork back on to the hook and back into the hole it went. Something was nibbling on the same line and out I pulled it another trout about the same as the first. I ended up catching 6 nice trout all the same size. I could not wait until the next morning.


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