Out to check my snares and lines

Up very early that morning and it looked pretty cold out. I told my grandma that I would go and check my things and have breakfast after. It must have been around 7 o’clock. Grandma said dress warm because it must be in the -25C this morning and with that little north wind. I did get dressed warm, tied up my moccasins and out I went and got my big snowshoes on. They belonged to my grandfather and he weighed a little over 300 lbs. Down to the river I went up and across to the other side all in 20 minutes. The first snare nothing, did not even move. The second and third and fourth and fifth nothing, I said to myself well maybe the next one or to-morrow and oops there was one but it was alive and caught by the foot. So I approached it and it started jumping I managed to get a hold of it and take the snare off. What do I do now; it was trying to scratch me. I’ll put it alive in my pack sack. As I tried to get my pack sack open guess what I lost the rabbit. I checked my other three snares and nothing. So I went on to check my fishing lines. The ice that night in my fish holes froze 5 inches. I pulled out to great speckle trout and the big one was 4 lbs 6 oz. and measured 23 inches. After everything was fixed up snares and lines back to the house I went. When I got home breakfast was in the oven waiting for me and I was hungry. I told them the story about the rabbit thinking that they would not believe me. They believed me and my grandfather said do you remember the carnation can yesterday, no bigger than that. If it’s bigger than that they jump through it and get caught by the leg.