My Second Moose Hunting Trip on the Romaine River

It was Friday after supper J.M. and I just left Havre St. Pierre, we were on our way to the Romaine River. It was 6 P.M. when we put the canoe and luggage aboard, we were heading for Officers Island a 30 minute trip with the 6 H.P. and 16 foot cedar canoe. It was 7 P.M. the tent was set up and all we had to do for the next half hour was to be quiet and listen. We heard nothing, J.M. got his hip waders on and head to the river. He stop and listen, nothing. I started breaking small twigs and J.M. stepped into the water and started the moose walk lifting his legs higher and making the same sound as a moose walking in the water. He stopped and listened, then took his birch bark moose call and dipped it into the water to fill it up. He lifted up over his head and slowly poured the water out making the sound of a cow moose peeing in the water. All this is to stimulate the bull if he’s around. He then stepped out of the water and we listened for about 20 minutes. We heard nothing; J.M. went back to the side of the river and very softly started the cow call, soft and short. Did the same call twice. We sat beside the tent and listened, we did not even say word not even a whisper, we just listened. A half hour later went back to the river and did the same call but a little louder and twice again.

It was around 9 P.M. and we did not even hear a sound, I went down to the river and gave the great and loud call in three directions, it was loud and clear and we could hear the echo bouncing off three and four mountains away. We listened for about an hour, we heard nothing and decided to go to bed.

It was pretty cold that night and when we got up the next morning there was frost on the ground. It was 5 A.M. and J.M. was doing the moose walk in the water. He got out of the water and we listened for a couple of minutes and still nothing. He started his soft and short call and as he just finished I heard a grunt sound and just across the river, I said to J.M. did you here it, he said what, the grunt sound just on the other side, he said no, but his eye’s looked like fifty cent pieces. Are you sure, he said to me, I said yes, just like on the record, the sound that I practice. We waited about 20 to 25 minutes and J.M. got his hip waders on, I started breaking sticks and into the water J.M. went and started the moose walk at the third or fourth splash it grunted again and this time he heard it. This time it was straight in front of us on the other side of the river but we could not see anything. To the other side of the river is about a half a mile.

We waited for an hour and not a sound, yes there was a sound a boat was coming up the river oh no we said. We had nothing to do but wait, we waited all morning because not only one boat went but five in all.

We had a breakfast and diner at the same time, boiled eggs and buttered bread and orange juice. Nothing fried, anything smelly for that moose, you put all the chance you can on your side when your out on the call.

It was 3 P.M. and it had been quiet for about the last two hours so it was time to do our show, J.M. doing the moose walk and me breaking twigs. We listened for about 30 to 40 minutes and not a sound. We repeated the same thing with the soft call and not a sound. It was 8 P.M. and not a sound, I went to the side of the river and gave those 3 great load and long calls. At 9 P.M. we were in the tent for supper and at 10 P.M. in bed. We heard nothing during the whole night.

Next morning at 5 A.M. J.M. did his thing, the moose walk in the water and then the soft and short call and not a sound to be heard. We did this three times during the morning and heard nothing. It was 3P.M. and did the same things and not an answer. At 6:30 P.M. we were on our back without a moose again. But let me tell you that we were very happy with what we experienced and heard the real call of a bull moose. Maybe the next time we will get the big bull.

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