My first moose hunting trip.

It was a cold morning, around the end of September, my brother-in-law J.M. and I were on our first moose hunt on the Romaine River. We had been practising the moose call, female and male call since the middle of July. We had bought a book and disc to learn how to imitate exactly the moose call. J.M. was great with the female call and I with the bull call.

It was 6 A.M. and up the river we went, we planned 7 days hunting trip. The weather was beautiful not a breeze of wind and the river was like a piece of glass. We arrived at the first portage an hour later, called La Chute de l'Eglise, it took half an hour and we continued to the next portage, La Chute a Charlie, it took another half hour to portage.

We arrived at the place we had pointed out on the map, a creek and a small island where we could pitch up the tent. The distance for shooting was more than perfect. J.M. had a 308 rifle and I only had a 32 special, the distance was good for me. After every thing was set up, even our little table and bedding was all laid out. It was around noon and it was time for lunch. It still was very calm and we could hear a little water falls a bit farther up the river.

All we had to do now was wait and listen. It was 3 o’clock and J.M. said I guess it’s time to put to work what we have been studying for the past 2 months. It was time to start the moose show I called it.

J.M. had his wader’s on and walk slowly to the edge of the river, stopped and listened, then stepped in the water and started walking like a moose lifting his feet higher with every step he took. Making the exact sound of a moose walking in the water. Once in awhile would stop and listen and then slowly stepped out of the water and I started breaking little twigs. Making the sound of a moose walking slowly back into the brushes. Waited for a few minutes, we could not hear a sound it was calm. J.M. had his birch bark home made call in his hand. He started the call of the female in heat, the very soft and not to long call. Waited about 30 seconds and made the exact same call. We listened for 20 minutes and not a sound. J.M. went back to the side of the river and started the same call but a little louder doing this twice. We waited for about an hour and a half, it was close to 6 P.M. not a sound, not even a crack. It was now 7 P.M. and we heard nothing and was pretty dark, I could not see the other side of the river. We had no telescopes then. We still waited until around 7:30 J.M. walked slowly back to the side of the river listened and gave the long and loud call of the female. I could hear the echo for hitting at least three mountains away. He did it the second time and we continued to listen but heard nothing.

We stepped into the tent made our supper, nothing much peanut butter and jam toasted sandwich and a cup of tea. Got into our sleeping bags, it was cold. We listened for about an hour and all I could hear was the singing of the birds.

Then next morning was little windy and looked like rain. It was 5 A.M. and J.M. was doing the moose walk in the water, got out listened and then gave the call soft and short. Did it the second time and we listened for about half an hour and then did the second call and a little louder. We heard nothing.

We went in for breakfast all was very quiet and slowly the rain started and we could see the fog coming up the river. This went on for part of the afternoon. Then around 5P.M. it started to pour and during the night the storm started.

To make this story short the storm lasted for three days and let me tell you we were soaked and decided to pull out on day 5.

We loved the trip and I will tell more stories about our moose hunting in the weeks to come.


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