My first trip on the beautiful George River

All I can say about this river way up in Northern Quebec 175 miles north east of Schefferville and 75 miles east of Kuujjuaq. A beautiful river with 5 different kinds of fish. Atlantic salmon up to 30 lbs. artic char average size 8 to 15 lbs. Lake trout in-between 5 to 40 lbs, speckle trout nice and red from 1 to 6 lbs. and the white fish may go up to 5 lbs. The fishing is great from around the 20 th. of June. Even if the snow is still on the mountains and 2 feet of ice on each side of the river, the salmon are already on there way up.

The caribou herd which is called George River herd is over 750 thousand heads and when you see about 20 thousand moving together it’s like the mountain was moving. You may see 20 thousand heads once in a life time; usually what I’ve seen is herds of 30 to 100 and once in a while 500. When you see them in herds like this, their getting ready for their journey towards the south, getting ready for the rut and also where they will spend part or all winter.

Last September 2008 I was on the George River at Wedge Hills Lodge where I worked for the owner for a month and half. The reason I accepted to go up there was because one, I wanted to see for myself what it was like and two, I’m crazy about the nature, hunting and fishing. When we talk about work I had no specific job to do, but I ended up doing every thing. From water boy to mechanic to guide and even chef cook. I think that I fell in love with the place and I’m going back this summer for three months and even convinced my lovely wife Mado to come up as chef cook.

All the jobs were easy but one, as guide, not because I did not like it, because I was little bit scared or not to brave for my first trip up those rapids. The day I practised, with Jean Marc, the other all handyman. We left the Lodge which each a 24 foot freighter canoe and powered by a 40 horse power Yamaha turbo foot. I followed behind at about 100 feet, the first rapid 1000 feet long with waves up to three feet not to bad. But the next one that I was looking at and was already in it was huge swift and long, the waves at least 6 feet high, I looked at shore a few times and I was going backwards not moving up. I had to zigzag my way up and so did Jean Marc. After a few minutes we were up and on to the third and then the fourth which were like the first one. Jean Marc turned around and came to me and said you’re the best I’ve seen in awhile, your good and I told him I was scared as he…. We headed down the rapids back for the Lodge. When we past the last rapid just before the Lodge I waved to Jean Marc and made signs that I’m going back up alone. Back up the rapids I went and this was just to see if that scary feeling was gone. I went up 5 rapids and back down without a problem all was okay, I had done this a hundred times when I was young and it was all coming back.

Like I said I fell in love with this great and beautiful place and waiting for June to go back with my wife Mado.