Camping all Summer at Manic 5 ( Part 2)

The week went by pretty fast. The boys did a lot of fishing. The camping had grown as two more trailers were added to our Out in the Wilderness Camping. The boys are the one’s that gave it the name. The two friends and family were co-works and good friends.

Friday night was a gathering around the camp fire and singing a few songs while having a good beer. Oh yes for supper was the speckle trout that the boys caught on Doreen Lake.

Around the fire that evening I asked the boys and my daughter what do we do for the week-end? The response was quick from the boys. We want to go fishing at the 7 Lakes. Asked my wife and she yes that would be nice. So I said okay, we’ll take two boats and we have to leave here nine. If we want to try all the lakes. The seven Lakes are small lakes about 1 mile in length. These lake all communicated from on to the other without portaging. The lake all had nice speckle trout, averaging from 7 to 14 inches.

Next morning which was Saturday, a nice sunny day. The boys had the fire going and I said , bacon and eggs on the fire this morning. So it was and everyone looked happy, I said I guess everyone like the outdoor living and the pure fresh air and good sleeping we get. That was it, no television , no radio, no telephone, it was quiet. Oh if someone had to reach us that wasn’t a problem, the constables at the gate knew where to find me. I always let them know were we are and were we are going.

All that talking this morning were late and all the big ones are going to be hard to catch. It was close to 10 AM and on our way to the seven lakes. At the Hydro dock there was 10 Dores ( flat bottom boat made out of plywood ) they were 16 feet long and a good 5 feet wide. Each had a 15 horse power and let me tell not to fast but solid you could walk around in the boat and no danger to tip over. We took two boats the boys with one and Mado , Mel and I with the other. The boys had been driving our operating a motor boat since the age of 6.

We fished on the second lake and caught a few nice ones; well we kept the bigger ones.Tried the next two lakes and a few nice ones. They were not biting much because it was hot and the sun was over us and it’s noon. The boys it’s said no good at noon, it will be better around 5 o’clock. I said there on the bottom, the big one’s are on the bottom at this time of the day.

The boys pulled over to see what we had. I said two nice ones, Moms and Mel, 13 and 14 inches. The biggest one we have is 10 inches. We had a nice dozen speckles.

I said anyone for a sandwich yes were hungry, okay just let the boats drift side by side and we’ll have lunch. It was a beautiful and up to now a good fishing trip. After lunch let’s go too the 7th. Lake, I know a place were there’s 14 inch speckles, even 15 if they decide to bite.

We were at the 7th. Lake and it was close to 3 PM. I said right now the fish are on the bottom and not to interested in what we have. We gave it a try, casting and reeling fast or slow and nothing at all. I told the boys to pull over and I’ll show you what one of my old constables showed me when they don’t bite. I pulled out a very small hook from the tackle box. Took my leader, hook and everything off my line. All I had was the bare line. Tied that little hook on, got a worm out of the worm box and took only one (1) inch of worm, not any longer and put the worm on hiding completely the hook. Everyone was watching and listening.( I told myself I hope I catch at least one.) There was no sinker, Just the line, hook and worm. I casted as far as I could, I let the line sink right to the bottom, I kept pull more and more line out. Everyone was watching. I said I’m on the bottom and started to reel slowly, something is biting, I gave a yank and I got one and a good fight at that. It was a nice 14inch speckle. We fished, catch and release, we did not
Count how many we caught and put back. I say 100 would not be lye. We did keep 20 beauties. We fished up to 6 PM and said it’s time to head back if we don’t want to have supper to late.

Everyone appreciated this great day.

I will be back with another story next week.


David Beebe said...

Enjoyed reading your comments,I have always enjoyed camping of all types.
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Md. Assaduzzaman Bhuiyan said...

I like hunting and fishing so much..

David Allen said...

When it comes to camping in the Summer you can't beat it! I also spend a great deal of time camping and I love to fish when I'am out in the great outdoors. It's always nice to see someone else getting out enjoying the great outdoors and remember putting a fishing pole in your kids hands is one of the best things in the world for our young people.
Thanks, for the camping Summary and God Bless!
David Allen